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  Welcome to TravJouS!


Being a frequent business traveller, I was always trying to find out an easy way to check-in to my flight anytime, anywhere. Especially when you travel abroad, it is not always possible to find a PC and a printer to check-in and get your boarding pass. Nowadays the Airlines even charge you, if you have not checked-in on-line before you arrive at the Airport!! Today the Airlines have introduced the mobile boarding pass or they offer bar-coded boarding passes for web check-in. So instead of having several airline apps why not put them into one app and this is what I did.  As this solution that I created for my personal use worked well, I thought "Why not share it with all  World Travellers? That is how TravJouS was born.  TravJouS stands for Travel Journey Support, to support all World Travellers with easy check-in to their flights globally! TravJouS main goal is to support the World Travellers with a complete solution. From the time traveller makes a booking up until the travellers gets home. 

At the moment TravJouS concentrates on creating the easiest Ailrline Flight Check-In Apps for fast and easy check-in for all your flights.

For the World Travellers there has been a number of different check-in companion apps created for different parts of the world, namely:  Americas, Europe and Asia & Pacific, all available for the iPhone and Android. Middle-East & Africa available for the Android.  There is also a Check-In Companion free version for the Android.

However all regions can be found in one app, namely the Airline Flight Check-In World for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini's and Android.

At the moment TravJouS is working on a version for the Windows Mobile Devices. So watch out and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or on the TravJous Website. Also have a look at the screenshot video on YouTube: New Airline Flight Check-In!

The TravJouS team would like to hear from you.  So if you have any suggestions or questions write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

TravJouS wishes you safe travels!

The TravJouS Team

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