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Stars *****

By Ben

What a fantastic idea and venture into the world of mobile apps! You have completely negated the need to download each individual airline application in to order to check in on-line from a mobile device. Navigating a complex airline check in website from a mobile screen can be cumbersome and off putting and many airlines have yet to even set up a competitive mobile version of their on-line check in function.

Stars ****

Study Abroad Student & Traveller 

By aastley 

I travel at least twice a year with the family, and this year I am studying abroad in the United Kingdom. I am from the US and used this app for my boarding passes and to purchase tickets to Dublin in a few weeks... With plans to use it well into the future! The app works great! Only had one loading error, which after making sure it was not on my end, i notified TravJouS of through a short email, and the team had it fixed within the day! They truly have made an app and team, willing to go the extra mile so you can go about travelling yours!


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